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Trove Makers' Market gives local community groups the chance to "fun-raise" by holding a barbecue and selling drinks, with all of the funds raised going back to their group.

Trove Makers’ Market is connected with the local community. We take pride in the location of our market and our connections with this community and as such, we ask that all market representatives (community groups utilising the community barbecue included) maintain a professional, positive and approachable image and a sense of community at all times during the market.


Application Guidelines
We take our application process seriously.
Please feel free to contact us via our contact page with any questions about our market or your application.
Applications must have clear information about your community group and how our community group could benefit from utilising our community barbecue.
Only one month is attainable per community group; per calendar year.
We have a set RRP for our food so that our regular shoppers have a fair expectation of what to pay.
All preparation, cooking, serving and cleaning is the responsibility of the group.
Community groups must apply via the Community Barbecue Application Form.

Application Process
1. Read the Market Terms & Conditions. This page is protected by password: troveterms
2. Read the Community Barbecue Requirements. This page is protected by password: trovebarbecue
3. If you would like to apply to utilise the community barbecue, filled out the Community Barbecue Application Form and hit the "apply now" button.
4. Confirmation and further information including date allocation will be sent to approved community groups to their nominated e-mail.
5. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified via their nominated e-mail.

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